Incomplete Dominance Examples

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Incomplete Dominance in Mirabilis Jalapa

Also Known as: Four O'Clock Flower, or 'Marvel of Peru'

P-Generation: Red (RR) X White (rr)
F1 (first filial) Generation: Pink (Rr)
F2 Generation: 1 Red (RR) : 2 Pink (Rr) : 1 White (rr)
F2 Phenotypic Ratio: 1 : 2 : 1

P-GenerationBack-Cross - Pink (Rr) X Red (RR)
F2 Generation: 1 Red (RR) : 1 Pink (Rr)
F2 Phenotypic Ratio: 1: 1

P-GenerationBack-Cross (Test Cross) - Pink (Rr) X White (rr)
F2 Generation: 1 Pink (Rr) : 1 White (rr)
F2 Phenotypic Ratio: 1: 1

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Other Examples of Incomplete Dominance

Male ParentFemale ParentResulting Phenotype
Mirabilis JalapaRed FlowerWhite FlowerPink Flower
(Antirrhinum majus)
Red FlowerWhite FlowerPink Flower
RabbitRed FurWhite FurBrown Fur
HumanCurly HairStraight HairWavy Hair
Andalusian FowlBlackWhiteBlue
(Dianthus Caryophyllus)
HorseTallShortMedium stature
American BulldogBigSmallMedium-sized
Blahblah birdBlueWhiteSilver
DogLong hairedShort hairedMedium length hairs
RatBrownWhiteMixed colored
HumansLarge Lip ProtrusionSmall Lip ProtrusionAverage Lip Protrusion
HumansHigh pitched voiceLow pitched voiceMedium pitched voice
CatHighly spottedNo spotsSome spots
HumansBig HandsSmall handsAverage sized hands
Tay-Sach's disease: Genes which creates antibodies only creates half the necessary antibodies causing Tay-Sach's disease.

Multiple Choice Questions

Mirabilis Jalapa (4 O`clock flower) and Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) shows the following:
(1) Complete Dominance
(2) Incomplete Dominance
(3) Co-Dominance
(4) Multiple Allele


What are exceptions to Mendel`s law of dominance?
(1) Incomplete dominance
(2) Co-dominance
(3) both
(4) none


Who discovered Incomplete dominance and Cytoplasmic dominance
(1) Carl Correns
(2) Regnier de Graaf
(3) Carl Wilhelm von Nageli
(4) Archibald Garrod


A phenotypic ratio in F2, of 1 : 2 : 1  is indicative of the gene-interaction, _______
(1) Complete dominance
(2) Incomplete dominance
(3) Recessive Epistasis
(4) Supplementary gene


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